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World Space Week 2016 in Sarajevo

wsw-logo-color-wsw-text-dates-blk-copyAstronomical Society Orion this year also took part in the celebration of the World Space Week. Our activities have included lectures on the themes of artificial satellites and the Global positioning system (GPS), Project Synergy Moon, in which astronomy enthusiasts from Bosnia and Herzegovina are participating, as well as about important news in astronomy from which we selected the discovery of an exoplanet around the star Proxima Centauri and the first detection of the phenomenon of gravitational waves. Astronomical Society Orion is especially grateful to Emir Tanovic from the Astronomical Society Polaris from Tuzla for his guest lecture on the topic of Synergy Moon. The last day of our activities also included an observation of the Moon as part of the “International Observe the Moon Night” (InOMN). Good attendance and expressed support and interest of citizens are honor to us as well as the obligation to further improve our activities in the coming years.

Muhamed Muminović             President of the Astronomical Society Orion

Anes Krečo                            Coordinator of World Space Week activities

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