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Asteroid 178,267 Sarajevo

At the Academy of Sciences in Sarajevo, in the context of promoting the Scientific-popular magazine about nature, man and ecology “FONDEKO world” number 37, in December 2013 Muhamed Muminovic, astronomer, gave a lecture “TARGET EARTH – Environmental effects of asteroids and comets”. After that, officially information was released  that in the solar system there is an orbiting asteroid named “Sarajevo”.

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From 22 July 2013, in our close part of universe, within our solar system, there is also an asteroid called “Sarajevo”. For the first time in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one celestial body bears the name that is associated with our homeland. The asteroid was discovered by a group of astronomers from the Spanish observatory “La Sagra”. The group did have two Croatian astronomers Aleksandar and Stefan Cikota. They are entitled to some of the newly discovered asteroid assign names. Astronomical Society Orion is this year celebrated “50 years of modern astronomy in BiH” which began with the founding of the Astronomical Society and his decades of action. In honor of the occasion and regional importance which had a pre-war Astronomical Observatory in Sarajevo, Mr. Stefan Cikota has given us the opportunity to propose a name of one of the asteroids. Proposal of AD ORION was to name it Sarajevo.

This name was confirmed by the International Astronomical Union, which is responsible for the “name appointments” in the near and distant universe. The US space agency NASA, and its “Jet Propulsion Laboratory” which maintains a database of small bodies of the solar system, announced in its official bulletin that the asteroid which had a temporary name 2007 YG59, received serial number 178267 and name SARAJEVO.

Asteroid Sarajevo is a body that belongs to the main asteroid belt. Its path around the Sun, is an ellipse and is located between Mars and Jupiter. The closest point to the Sun is about 405 million kilometers, and the farthest about 525 million kilometers. Its revolution around the Sun lasts 5,48 years. The approximate diameter of the body is between 3 and 7 km.

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