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Meteors are a local phenomenon, ie. the individual meteors are visible only from a small region on Earth, under the place where they ignited. They are formed by entry of smaller bodies of interstellar space (size ranging from grains sand and gravel to larger rocks) in the Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds (usually between 10 and 70 kilometers per second). Friction within the upper atmosphere (thermosphere) leads to ionisation and heating of the air and at altitudes of about 100 km trace becomes visible during their passage. Most of these particles melted by ablation and disappear very fast (0.1 – 0.5 seconds) on the path of about 20 km and this is why you can see them only from the relatively small area.

The basic idea of ​​one meteor network consists in making videos records of meteor, at the same time with at least two mutually distant video cameras. On this basis it is possible to determine the atmospheric meteor trajectory and its speed in every frame of the video. Knowing this allows us to calculate the speed of his heliocentric velocity and orbit of the meteor particles before the collision with the Earth, which in certain cases can determine its origin and relationship with parent comet or asteroid.

The meteor network of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established and developed in the previous two years as a result of cooperation between the Astronomical Society Orion Sarajevo and Federal Hydrometeorological Institute. In the first phase (08.2012.-05.2013.) tests were conducted on many CCTV cameras, housings, locations and software, and from May of 2013 we started with the setting of fixed cells in Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries.

BH Meteor net

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